Faith Community Health Clinic






Board of Directors and Volunteer Staff

Karen Griffith    Data/Intake
Bonnie Boyd     Intake
Nancy Weaver    Data/Intake
Carole Wohlford    Data
Annette Lundgren    Front office/Intake
Carolyn Powers    Data/Intake
Evelyn Schlosser    Data/Intake
Lynne Bercaw    Intake/Meal coordinator
Pam Havlin    Lab Tech
Rita Lamb    Front office/Dental
Greg Griffis    Website
Jody Porter    Accountant
Dr. Maria Rutland  Consultant
Lucy Carmona-Hernandez  Custodian
Carol Frenger   MAP

Susan Mauk DDS
Ron Duch DDS
Charlie Gabet DDS
Joyce Rockwell DDS

Volunteer Dentists

Todd Brandon, MD
Margaret Frazier, RN
Annette Lundgren

Kathy Vaughn, RN
Lynne Bercaw
Dottie Fuentes

Father Tom Adamson

Board President: Pam Havlin

Carolyn Davis: Clinic Director

I have worked as a registered nurse, nurse practitioner, and nurse educator for the last 47 years, taking care of both adult and pediatric patients. I have always felt that nursing was a special calling for me, and I have been blessed to work with a variety of patient populations around the country. When my husband retired from his military career, and we returned home to Indiana, I was privileged to teach nursing at IPFW and Goshen College. While my husband was stationed in San Antonio, I was the clinic director for a clinic for uninsured adolescents and their children. In this capacity, I became profoundly aware of the complex health care needs of those who have no access to health care due to their lack of health insurance. Becoming an advocate for those who are uninsured became a passion for me. I am both humbled & honored to be given this opportunity to the patients who seek care in Faith Community Health Clinic. 

Teresa Smith, MD
Medical Director & Volunteer 

Viki Anderson
Dental Hygienist & Volunteer 

Board Financial Officer: Gary Crum

After being asked to be on the board, I met with staff members and the FCHC board.  I was very impressed by their dedication and enthusiasm and I knew I wanted to be part of the program.

Board Secretary: Karen Griffith

God has blessed each of us with gifts and talents and asks that we use those blessings to serve others.  Feeling a need to serve the less fortunate in our community, I was led by friends and acquaintances to the Faith Community Health Clinic where I was welcomed by a warm, caring and professional staff and truly amazed by the medical and dental services the clinic was offering to the uninsured of Steuben County.  I accepted the call to join the staff as a lay volunteer.  Because of the overwhelming need for services in our community, the compassionate personnel and appreciative patients I continue to serve on a weekly basis.

Teresa L. Smith, MD, Medical Director
Pam Havlin, President,  Lab Director
Diane Howe: Vice President
Carolyn Davis R.N., Clinic Director
Gary Crum, CFO
Karen Griffith, Secretary
Vicki Anderson, R.D.H. 


 Vice President: Diane Howe, PA

Volunteer Physicians
Teresa Smith MD
Wilmer Iler MD
Berry Miller MD
Terry Shipe MD
Tom Miller MD
Todd Brandon MD
Ted Crisman MD
Gail Shiveley NP
Diane Howe NP

Lay Volunteers

 Licensed Volunteers

Marjorie Stoudinger RN
Carolyn Davis RN
Sally Kelly RN
Kathy Vaughn RN
Sarah Spitler RN
Vicki Peters RN
Sherry Rowland RN
Pat Brubaker RN
Mary Bowman RN
Cathy French RN
Margie Frazier RN
Dorothy Diehl LPN
Viki Anderson  RDH
Debbie Bickford RDH
Janelle Beard  RDH
Kathy Grossheim  RDH